Alternative Field Fertilization Techniques to Promote Restoration of Leguminous Acacia Koa on Contrasting Tropical Sites
Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 376, Pages 126–134, Hawaii, 2016-09-15

- Fertilization of a legume was evaluated on contrasting tropical sites.
- Fertilization increased growth at the harsher site only.
- Controlled-release fertilizer was as effective as immediately available fertilizers.
- Fertilization responses were apparently related to phosphorus rather than nitrogen.
- On high productivity sites, fertilization at planting may not be advisable
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Canoe Forest Serving as Model for Koa Management
Hawaii Tribune Herald, Hawaii, 2016-06-22

Forest Solutions, Inc. works alongside the Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Forestry and Wildlife and the Three Mountain Alliance watershed group to develop a sustainable resource management plan that will serve as a key component in future planning on the Big Island. The ongoing Department of Land and Natural Resources project in Kapapala Koa Canoe Forest in Ka'u works to manage the Koa tree species for habitat conservation, long-term Hawaiian cultural usage and high-value timber production...
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Tropical Forest Inventory Short Course
August 24-28 2015

Forest Solutions Inc., Hawaii, 2015-07-28

This course will familiarize you with two efficient forest inventory techniques that we have successfully used in Hawaii: Variable plot sampling 3P sampling

Forest Solutions Technical Note

Forest Solutions Inc., Hawaii, 2015-05-28

Under plantation conditions, Acacia koa exhibits poor natural pruning. Without supplemental pruning, managed koa stands will produce low yields of clear wood free of knots. In many areas across Hawaii, koa may be successfully pruned to dramatically improve potential yield of high quality timber...
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Inventories Stategies for Acacia Koa Across Diverse Forest Types
Forest Solutions Inc., Hawaii, 2015-01-14

As one of the most economically valuable native Hawaiian tree species, Acacia koa (koa) has been heavily exploited across the islands. Remaining koa populations are constrained to a few regions, but diverse site conditions, land use history, and current vegetation cover disallow a single strategy for comprehensive koa forest inventory...
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