Forest Management - Mensuration

The Forest Solutions inventory program depends on a highly mobile crew able to work anywhere on the Island in every type of stand, from Eucalyptus plantations to old-growth native Hawaiian forest. Fundamental elements of forest inventory are reliable species identification, accurate diameter and height measurements, and meticulous spatial organization; appropriate technologies are deployed in each area, from analog diameter tapes to handheld GPS.

Growth and Yield

Accurately predicting future returns on forest investment is critical to viability in the industry. Our analysts employ an array of statistical and modeling techniques to predict every level of forest growth, from rates of individual tree diameter accretion to total forest volumes across thousands of acres. Local growth and yield models are available for every forested district on Hawaiʻi Island, with model performance continuously improved by new data and analysis.

Forest Planning
and Project Management
Consulting and
Independent Audits
Information Systems