Land Stewardship - Assessment
Biological Assessments

Forest Solutions possesses the expertise to complete comprehensive assessments of general biological resources across large tracts. Landowners benefit in several ways from such assessments, which may assist with certification procedures (e.g. Forest Stewardship Council) or form the basis of conservation plans to capitalize on Federal and State funding opportunities (e.g. NRCS, CREP). Our Foresters have worked in every major forested ecotype in the Islands, and our familiarity with both native and non-native species, as well as our GIS capabilities, allows us to efficiently survey biological diversity at any scale.

Invasive Species Assessments

Invasive species are among the most serious threats to native Hawaiian ecosystems. In rainforests, shade-tolerant plants from Central America or tropical Asia aggressively compete with Hawaiian species, leading to near-total shifts in species composition. In leeward areas, fire-tolerant alien grasses convert endangered Hawaiian dry forests to savannah conditions, leading to a fire cycle detrimental to both native species and human habitation. Forest Solutions management programs have reversed invasions in both wet and dry forests, restoring Hawaiian ecosystems and improving forest value.

Fire Assessments

As a consequence of unique weather patterns, Western Hawaiʻi ecosystems experience seasonal precipitation, with substantial fire risk during the dry months. Equally at risk during drought periods are the production forest plantations. Using a combination of real-time GIS solutions and routine field visitation, Forest Solutions actively monitors fire risk across our forest management units. We update yearly fire prevention plans on our at-risk projects and implement fuel management programs as well as firebreak installation.

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