Land Stewardship - Restoration

Forest Solution has been planting approximately 30 different endemic species for over a decade now. Through a variety of trials and procedures we have increase success rates over the years. We are motivated to aid in restoring native lands by using what we have learned over a decade of restoration work.

Invasive Species Control

For the past 10 years Forest Solutions has increase productivity and efficiency in controlling invasive weeds. By remaining up to date with new technology and products we are able to tackle some of Hawaii’s most invasive species. With improved machinery, such as, 30 gallon ATV boom sprayer and a John Deer 540 skidder equip with a 500 gallon mixing tank, retractable spray gun and 30 feet dry boom; we are able to take on large scale projects.
Forest Solutions is licensed as a commercial restricted pesticide applicator by the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

Pest Control

Forest Solutions actively monitors for any known and emerging pathogen and/or pest, such as, Koa rust & wilt, Phyllids, and Ohia rust.

Fire Control

Forest Solutions along with public and private lands owner regularly manage to prevent any wildland fire. With adequate firebreaks and consistent weed control; limiting the fuel load in dense dry areas. We also regularly maintain water catchments and fire cashes.


In areas where rainfall Is not sufficient to sustain tree establishment, irrigation is needed to enhance early survival and growth. Water conservation is important for these projects, which require research into the method, quantity and timing of water use.
Forest Solutions has been experimenting with dryland forest drip irrigation for over a decade. During that time we have introduced or rather adapted to re-usable water lines, pre-perforated lines, deep irrigations and Hunter Node timer systems. The results have been drastic in survival rates increasing each year.

Forest Planning
and Project Management
Consulting and
Independent Audits
Information Systems